on Sunday, September 28, 2014
While I am not one for games in the classroom, since most tend to have one person doing all the work while everyone else watches, I can be persuaded to try one if it looks like it has potential. I was introduced to Kahoot as a classroom game this summer. I made one that helped my students review variation equations, their corresponding graphs, their names, and other features such as domain, range, and asymptotes.

What I love about Kahoot is that students get extremely competitive as they play, and they want to win! The picture below shows what gets displayed on the board and what a student sees if they play on their phone. A student can also play on their computer.

Here is a picture of what my room looked like when we were playing this game! The students were very intense about the whole process, and engaged the entire time. If you want to use my kahoot, go here!


- You can see a ranking of top students.
- Everyone plays
- Once a student has voted they get feedback if their answer was correct or not. (Great formative assessment right here!)
- Kahoot has a bunch of math symbols you can insert! Woohoo!
- You can download an excel doc of the class and how each student did! Kahoot for the win!

- Speed based game. Math isn't about doing things the fastest as long as you can still do it correctly.
- Students get to choose their own "name" for the game. If they choose an inappropriate name you can't necessarily tell who it is. (However, you can kick them out by clicking on the name!)

Happy Kahooting :)


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