Live the Dream

on Thursday, October 31, 2013
I am a high school math teacher and absolutely love my job! This year I am in a room with all new furniture, a class set of whiteboards, an iPad and Apple TV, two projectors, not to mention our students have Chromebooks this year as well. My students have been great with the different activities I experiment with, and a few weeks ago we transitioned to a flipped classroom. Ironically, before this year I was very much against the flipped classroom model -- that story will come in time!

Recently it has gotten into my mind that I need to start writing again. However, in an age where everyone seems to have a blog about something, I don't want to be more noise without purpose. This will be a place to share my successes and failures in my classroom, a platform to share ideas and activities that work, and a sounding board for why things fell flat. Countless times I have used the math blogosphere to find ideas and spark creativity, and it is time for me to stop being a leech.

I'm ready to live the math blogosphere dream.